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  • Cary 630 FTIR - prokazatelně lepší měření kapalných vzorků pomocí DialPath
    pdf, 1.22 MB
  • Identification of Flavor and Fragnance Allergens in Some Common Snack Food Using Transportable Agilent 5975T GC-MS
    pdf, 533.53 KB
  • GCMSMS Analysis of Melamine in Milk Powder with Bond Elut Plexa PCX
    pdf, 677.65 KB
  • Rapid Screening and Confirmation of Melamine and its Analogs in Baby Formula and Soy Products Using Triple Quadrupole GCMS and Backflushing
    pdf, 499.57 KB
  • Fast Data Acquisition speed and High Quantitative Performance in the Simultaneous Determination of Mycotoxins, Illegal Dyes, and Pesticides in Spices
    pdf, 1.08 MB