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Agilent Chromatography and Mass Spec Webinars

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Live Webinars       
Environmental Detection at Its Best with Ion Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry  May 13, 2020  19.00 hodin (CET) Sue D'Antonio, Applications Scientist, Agilent Technologies, Inc.; Jay Ghandi, Metrohm USA 
High-Throughput SPE LCMS Analysis of PFAS in Natural Waters  May 19, 2020  19.00 hodin (CET) Jarod Grossman, Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies, Inc. 
Oligonucleotide Analysis by Mass Spectrometry: Quantitative, Qualitative, Medium Throughput and High Throughput  June 10, 2020  19.00 hodin (CET) Peter Rye, Pre-Sales Application Engineer, Agilent Technologies, Inc. 
Detection of Regulated Genotoxic Impurities from the Drug Manufacturing Process: Recent Results in the Analysis  June 24, 2020  19.00 hodin (CET) David A. Weil, Ph.D., Senior Applications Scientist, Agilent Technologies, Inc. 

Série 2D-LC Live Webinářů

18. 5. 2020 od 14.00 hodin: Basics of 2D-LC: The technique to uncover the secrets of your samples

18. 5. 2020 od 15.00 hodin: Unique 2D-LC Tools for Experts: Active Solvent Modulation & High Resolution Sampling to characterize your (Bio)Therapeutics

20. 5. 2020 od 15.00 hodin: Efficient LC Purification Solutions for Analytical to Preparative Scale

26. 5. 2020 od 15.00 hodin: More LC Productivity: Get Primed for LC/MS and learn about “Self-driving” Mass Detection

OpenLab Live Webináře

3. 6. 2020 od 15.00 hodin: OpenLab CDS Custom Calculator - Display your data in the best possible light

10. 6. 2020 od 15.00 hodin: OpenLab CDS Advanced Reporting - Need a boost to get up to speed on reporting?

Recorded Webinars 

Chromatographic Methods to Speed Up Your Analysis and Increase Your Throughput 
How Dark Is Your Toast? Quantification of Acrylamide in a Variety of Food Matrices by LC-MS/MS Triple Quadrupole 
Dig Deeper into Peptide Mapping with Iterative MS/MS 
Compound Optimization on Agilent 6400 Series QQQ 
Underivatized Amino Acid Analysis Using Agilent LC/MSD iQ 
Quantitative Analysis of Intact Monoclonal Antibodies from Mouse 
Oligonucleotide Analysis with Agilent Oligo Search Software 
Ultra-Sensitive Intact Monoclonal Antibody Quantification Using Automated Sample Preparation and a High-Resolution Mass Spec 
Released Glycan Workflow: From Sample Preparation to Data Analysis 
Measurement of Underivatized Glyphosate and Other Polar Pesticides in Surface Water using LC/MS/MS 
Intact Protein Screening via Agilent RapidFire and 6545XT 
Oligonucleotide Analysis: Agilent Acquisition Methodology and Processing with Purpose-built Software 
Strategies for HPLC Analysis using Autosampler Injector Programming 
2D HPLC of Monoclonal Antibody with Novel Hydrophobic Interaction coupled to Reverse Phase Desalting with MS detection 
A Complete Workflow for LC/MS/MS Analysis of Pesticides and Mycotoxins as per California State Recreational Cannabis Regulations 
Extractable Leachable Analysis from Data Acquisition to Compound Identification 
Feature Finding and Library Searching Explained 
Detecting Drugs in Human Serum on Ultivo TQ 
Targeted & Untargeted Screening for Forensic Toxicology using LC/QTOF 
PFAS Analysis with the Ultivo 
Lipidomics Analysis Using SFC/MS 
Peptide Quantitation Using the New Agilent Ultivo LC/MS/MS 
Getting Primed for Agilent's Prime UHPLC 
Intact mAb Analysis on an Agilent 6545XT Q-TOF