Holo-Tomographic Microscopy (HTM) data processing workshop

Practical guidelines to enhance your data from the 3D Cell Explorer

When: 10th October, 2018

Where: HPST, s.r.o., Na Jetelce 69/2, Praha 9


Luca Clario, PhD. (application specialist NANOLIVE)

Michaela Pluskalová, PhD. (product specialist HPST)

Nanolive technology
• three-dimensional high spa tial-temporal resolution imaging
• (x, y:200nm; z:400nm; t:1.7sec) of tr ansparent unlabeled spe cimens
• labeling not r equired – pos t processing digital staining for 3D r econstruction
• incubated controlled environment for long t erm time-lapse experiments possible using on
stage incubator
• 3 Fluorescence channels to combine tomographic data with fluor escence markers


Time Chapter
9:00  Introduction and setup
9:15 3D/4D raw output
9:45 Data refinement and extraction
11:00 SMART visualization
12:30 Lunch /Hands-on session
14:00 Quantitative data analysis - part I
15:15 Quantitative data analysis - part II
16:15 Q&A









Price: 1500 CZK without VAT

Registration: michaela.pluskalova [at] hpst.cz or 736 606 878 (You can contact me for more information).